My interest in photography began around the age of 12, when I was given a 110 film camera as a Christmas present. At that time, since I didn't have money to actually get the film developed, I was more enamored with the capture. I, a 12 year old kid, could tell adults to line up and smile and they obeyed! I could also go out and look at my surroundings in the project housing community where I grew up and find beauty through the view finder, where I saw desolation and poverty through my naked eye.

As I grew into a man, the beauty in everyday life never escaped me. My interest in photography had waned, but my appreciation for the intrinsic appeal in almost all manner of subjects grew. Visiting a new city was like breathing in a breath of fresh air through my eyes. Experiencing local nature destinations that were previously unknown to me was like gaining sight anew after years of blindness.

Now that we live in the digital age and I have had some formal training in photography, I can more freely and effectively capture the essence of a scene which I had previously only appreciated privately. The images that I put up here are my attempt to convey a feeling. They are a glimpse of my life and state of mind, through my eyes, at a given point in time.

I hope that you enjoy perusing the gallery and hope that you will check back often as I add to the collection. Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind and I will do my best to answer them.